Nydn home → collections → risk factors pain when walking is a red flag, says dr. is viagra useful for premature ejaculation Peter faries, but evenwhen there… (lombard for news ) peripheral vascular disease affects 10m americans, but treatment is often simple by katie charles daily news staff writer wednesday, april 21, 2010 the specialist: dr. buy viagra for men Peter faries on ðperipheral vascular disease faries, the chief of vascular surgery at the mount sinai school of medicine, treats patients who have problems with their blood vessels. buy viagra from usa He specializes in procedures on the legs, the carotid artery and the aorta. buy viagra vancouver canada Who's at risk though it affects about 10 million americans, peripheral vascular disease (pvd) is hardly a household term. Viagra over the counter joke "peripheral vascular disease typically refers to the impairment of blood flow to the legs," says faries. discount viagra lowest prices "the disease results when blockages in the blood vessels restrict the flow of blood to the feet and legs. order viagra online " the term peripheral arterial disease (pad) is also commonly used to describe this phenomenon. buying viagra online Pvd is the result of atherosclerosis, the buildup of plaque in the arteries. costs viagra vs viagra "the lining of the artery itself develops cholesterol plaques and as they get larger in size they narrow the channel," says faries. purchasing viagra online "eventually, when they reach a severe stage, the blockages close off the vessel. costs viagra vs viagra " age is considered the primary risk factor for pvd. buy viagra in canada online "it becomes increasingly prevalent with age," says faries. viagra online generic "the threshold when it usually starts to occur is age 50. " somewhere between 15% and 25% of those who are older than 65 have pvd, with men slightly more likely to be ðaffected than women. viagra or viagra which works better Many of the other risk factors for pvd are the same as those for heart disease: tobacco use, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. online pharmacies viagra People with kidney disease are also predisposed to pvd. viagra discount In turn, patients with pvd are four to five times as likely to have a heart attack or stroke, which makes diagnosing and treating the disease all the more important. Difference between viagra 5 mg 20 mg "pvd has very significant implications not only for the legs but the overall body, including the heart and brain," notes faries. costs viagra vs viagra Signs and symptoms in about half of those with pvd, the disease c. Duration of viagra cheap generic viagra