Topics topics - swine flu topics - topics - swine flu swine flu swine flu swine influenza is a new strain of virus that originated in mexico and has caused more than cl deaths there. order viagra online from canada The a/h1n1 strain -- the formal name for the swine flu virus -- is a combination of pig, avian and human viruses, and causes respiratory problems. viagra canada online Crucial questions about it remain unanswered, such as exactly how it spreads and how fast. viagra for women no prescription Scientists from the world health organization and centers for disease control are currently in mexico studying it. viagra prescription info The virus has been shown to be sensitive to two anti-viral drugs: oseltamivir (tamiflu) and zanamivir (relenza). Testing for swine flu is done in doctor offices or hospitals by taking a swab of the nose or throat. Samples are sent to state testing labs and the centers for disease control in atlanta for confirmation. buy viagra cheap One aspect of the strain that worries health officials is its seemingly more virulent effect on young, healthy people. Those who have died have been under 60 years old. One theory is that the virus attacks in the same way as the pandemic spanish flu of 1918, by inflaming healthy immune systems. Recent articles about swine flu now 158 cases of new swine flu published august 10, 2012 recent cases include at least 113 in indiana, 30 in ohio, one in hawaii and one in illinois. generic viagra viagra combo Bird flu, swine flu — now introducing bat flu published february 28, 2012 scientists suspect that some bats caught flu centuries ago and that the virus mutated within the bat population into this new variety how hard would it be for avian flu to spread? Published january 2, 2012 contagion depends on a complex interplay between a virus and its victim, including where it enters the body, the types of cells in which it can reproduce and whether it can then escape. Flu season: what you need to know published october 16, 2011 with flu season officially kicking off next month, and pharmacies and health departments beginning to offer flu shots, here is a look at what you need to know about the season and the shots. Q:peak flu season begins in november. viagra 100mg how to use Who should be... Autistic and seeking a place in an adult world published september 17, 2011 justin canha, a young artist with autism, prepares for life as an independent adult. Links to special features with mr. Canha and his art can be found in the article text. viagra 50 viagra ou viagra 20 buy viagra canada