Claire rath bds mclindent(prosthodontics) & associates our team our philosophy restorative treatment fillings contour bonding inlays/onlays crowns bridges veneers sealants extractions minimally invasive treatments dentures implants endodontics hygenist services tmd analysis and diagnosis snoring and osa analysis conscious sedation headaches facial aesthetics teeth whitening new patients nervous patients technology frequently asked questions useful links prosthodontics, endodontics and general dentistry           facial aesthetics rejuvenate your face to look younger without resorting to surgery. buy generic viagra 50mg Anti-wrinkle injections can be used to reduce lines on your forehead and around your eyes. buy viagra 5 mg online Dermal fillers can reduce lines on the lower part of your face as well as enhance lips and cheeks by makimg them more plump. These treatments are safe and can be carried out in as little as ten minutes. The effects can be seen shortly after treatment and last for up to six months. viagra without prescription Anti-wrinkle injections the constant use of facial muscles as we frown, laugh and express our moods results in wrinkles and facial lines which will tend to become more visible as we age. viagra dosage and administration â  anti-wrinkle injections are an effective and safe way to erase these lines without resorting to surgery. viagra za zene â â the most common areas that are treated by anti-wrinkle injections are frowns, forehead lines and crows feet. Your initial consultation will involve discussing your concerns and the areas that you want to have treated. â â  your medical history is reviewed before a physical examination is conducted. â  you will be asked to exercise certain muscles and the dentist will mark the areas to be treated with a special pen. viagra coupon â  the treatment involves using a purified protein toxin to temporarily immobilise certain facial muscles which results in the facial lines created by these muscles to soften or disappear. â  the neurotoxin is injected into the belly of the facial muscle using very fine needles. viagra no prescription â  the discomfort involved is minimal but we offer you the option of having anaesthetic cream or ice placed on the area before treatment to minimise any discomfort. viagra generic The effects of the treatment may take up to one week to appear but you may see the muscles gradually relax within 72 hours. â  typically the greatest effect is seen between one and two weeks after treatment. cheap viagra on line â  the effects of the initial anti-wrinkle injections usually last three to six months and re-treatment is then required to continue the effect. generic viagra â  the effect of the injections will tend to last longer with repeat treatments and t. viagra daily headache viagra za zene