Separate leaflet called 'heart failure'. generic viagra canada What are the possible complications of aortic regurgitation? Heart failure may become severe and life-threatening. viagra online without prescription Endocarditis is an uncommon complication. This is an infection of the valve. (abnormal valves are more prone to infection than normal valves. ) unless promptly treated, endocarditis can cause serious illness. hilarious quotes viagra How is aortic regurgitation diagnosed? A doctor may hear a heart murmur or other abnormal noises when listening with a stethoscope. Murmurs and noises are due to blood passing through abnormal valves, or to abnormal movement of valves. There are typical murmurs and noises which occur with aortic regurgitation. Sometimes this is detected on a routine examination if you have no symptoms, and the regurgitation is mild. can buy viagra europe An electrocardiogram (ecg) can show that the left ventricle is thickened or enlarged. An echocardiogram (ultrasound scan of the heart) can confirm the diagnosis. What are the treatments for aortic regurgitation? If the backflow of blood is mild and you have no symptoms then you may not need any treatment. If you develop symptoms or complications, various medicines may be advised to ease the symptoms. viagra canada Surgery may be advised if symptoms become worse. Medication medication may be advised to help ease symptoms of heart failure if heart failure develops. For example: diuretics (water tablets) usually help if you are breathless. viagra pills They make the kidneys produce more urine. This gets rid of excess blood and fluid which may build up in the lungs or other parts of the body with heart failure. Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ace) inhibitors are medicines which help to reduce the amount of work the heart does and to ease symptoms of heart failure. Valve replacement surgery this may be with a mechanical or a tissue valve. Mechanical valves are made of materials which are not likely to react with your body, such as titanium. can buy viagra europe Tissue valves are made from treated animal tissue, such as valves from a pig. viagra works women If you need surgery, a surgeon will advise on which is the best option for your situation. Surgical treatment has greatly improved the outlook in most people with more severe regurgitation. viagra pills online buy Surgery to replace the valve has a very good success rate. take viagra 100 mg The outlook is good if the valve is treated before the heart becomes badly damaged. Antibiotics to prevent endocarditis antibiotics used to be offered to all people with heart valve disease before dental treatment and some surgical procedures to prevent the development of endocarditis. However, the national institute for health and clinical excellence (nice) issued guidance in 2008 which advised that people at risk of endocarditis only need to take antibiotics if they actually have an infection at the time that dental or surgical procedures are und. can buy viagra europe cheap viagra online